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Myanmar is geographically significant but remains economically small and undeveloped within emerging Asia. From a low base, economic growth has been very rapid, if erratic, in the past decade. The country’s young population of 54m is sure to continue to grow GDP at US$75 BN (2021). Myanmar and its economy have been transformed following political liberalisation starting in 2011, and doors opening slowly. 

The military coup of 2021, when Myanmar’s military ousted the democratically elected government, detaining Aung San Suu Kyi and other leaders, will push back the development agenda. A one-year state of emergency has been declared, which is likely to wound the economy. The coming years will test Myanmar’s resilience; it will be quite a journey on the Road to Mandalay. To know old Burma there’s always Kipling; but to understand Myanmar in the 2020s please come and pay Asean Business Partners a visit.