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ASEAN is a group of 10 heterogenous countries, which have widely different cultural norms, business practices and recipes for success. The business climate in Indonesia is as different from Vietnam, for example, as France is from Germany. There is no “ASEAN” blueprint – each country has unique business, political and social characteristics.

For any business entering or expanding in this region, having an up-to-date understanding of the local market and how it is is evolving, is baseline for survival. A general idea of who the customers are and what they need will not cut it. Digging deeper is critical to success.

Our market research services provide you with comprehensive insights of your industry, customers, and competitors. This positions you to create strong brand awareness that connects with target customers. And it enables you to recognize the strengths and vulnerabilities of your competitors, thus, helping mitigate risks and unlock opportunities.

Our experts conduct research that can include, but may not be limited, to the following:

Market sizing and trend analysis: Understanding the size of the market for your product/service is crucial to mapping out your market strategy. Our specialists will help assess this for you – we will conduct detailed research to outline the size and structure of the market, and showcase the size of the opportunity that is on offer. Furthermore, we will give you a view to where the market is heading. Through our research, we will analyse your industry’s recent performance and provide future estimates of the market size, to give you clear insight into the growth potential.

Market Segmentation: The different market segments – geographic, demographic, psychographic, and/or behavioral – will be identified. Depending on your product or service, other segmentation may apply – seasonal, lifestage and generational. This will enable us to understand the right marketing strategy and positioning for your business.
Competitive Landscape Analysis: We will identify the primary competitors in the local market in your industry. For each identified player, we will additionally provide background information, thus providing a deeper understanding of your competition.

Our profile information could include but may not be limited to the following:

  • Size of the player;
  • Their product range/portfolio;
  • Their product placements;
  • Their pricing;
  • Their marketing and advertising practices;
Consumer Analysis: We will dig deeper into who your current and potential customers are, their motivation, preferences and buying behavior. Identifying the right target audience will enable you to craft and tailor-fit the offer and messages to appeal specifically to them.
Local Regulatory Research: Understanding the local regulations that may apply to your product/service is critical. We will conduct in-depth research into the local regulations that apply to you, including licensing requirements and certification requirements, local duty and tax structures.



    Fundamentally, strategy is about choice – a “fork-in-the-road” kind of choice where the stakes are high and turning back is not easy. Options and trade-offs need to be considered, debated and well understood.  

    Sumit Dutta

    Sumit Dutta

    Founder & CEO
    ASEAN Business Partners


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