George White
CEO, Profit Insight

“Profit Insight has been working with ASEAN Business Partners (ABP) in the ASEAN region since 2021. During this period our partnership with ABP has enabled Profit Insight to connect with the C-Suites of some of the largest retail banks in the region. ABP has not only helped us to gain access to our target customers but has also been consistent and tenacious in identifying and reaching out to those customers on our behalf. In summary, our relationship with ABP has provided us with a partner that has local representation as well as local insights and support in our target markets.”

Letitia Chau
Deputy CEO, Olea

“We were looking for a business partner with local expertise in Vietnam and we found ASEAN Business Partners. With their professionalism and deep knowledge in the local market, we expect to accelerate the business momentum, It is a great pleasure working with their team members.”

Jana Marle-Zizkova
CEO, Meiro

“ASEAN Business Partners (ABP) has supported Meiro as a sales and business development partner, bolstering our sales efforts across the ASEAN region. The partnership with ABP has enabled Meiro to evangelise the benefits of Customer Data Platform across the region and connect Meiro to some of the largest corporations in ASEAN. ABP is helping us broaden our reach in the market, access many of our key target organizations, especially in the finance industry and thereby expanding the number of active leads and commercial discussions that we are pursuing in the region.”