The PULSE November 2022


This is the November-2022 edition of The Pulse, brought to you by ASEAN Business Partners. Our endeavour is to capture the trends and developments in this vibrant region to help you identify business opportunities in Asia.

As we move into the final part of the year, Thailand celebrates Yi Peng Festival in November, a festival to celebrate the start of winter and the transition from obscurity to a promising future. This month’s newsletter shines a light on ESG and its promising
future while highlighting environmental and SME issues.
We write on the increasing importance of ESG in company goals, SME’s accessing capital through fintechs, ABP’s Market Research services, ASEAN’s need for waste management, and the trends in ASEAN’s labour laws.

  1. ESG Is Now a Boardroom Agenda (4-minute read): ASEAN is on pace to become the 4 th largest economy but climate risks threaten to hamper this progress. Can businesses afford to ignore sustainability any longer?
  2. Fintech Could Be SMEs’ Credit Lifeline (4-minute read): SME’s have always struggled with accessing credit. Can a growth in fintech be the solution for SME’s problems with credit access?
  3. ABP Market Research: ABP’s local presence and strong local network offers a bouquet of services with up-to-date insights to prospective businesses looking to expand within ASEAN and those who are new to the region.
  4. ASEAN Needs Proactive Waste Management (4-minute read): ASEAN countries have begun multiple initiatives for waste management. What other solutions are they looking to add in their agendas to combat pollution?
  5. Shifts in ASEAN Labour Laws (4-minute read): As the region’s labour laws are evolving to increase employee protections, there still remains a gap in the implementation and adherence of such laws.

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