The PULSE May 2022

Ketupat or rice cakes wrapped in coconut leaves is a traditional food eaten especially during Eid-Al Fitr in Indonesia. Eid is a week-long celebration for millions of people in Southeast Asian countries.  

Pulse May 2022

Welcome to the May-2022 edition of our monthly newsletter, The Pulse. Our endeavour is to capture the trends and developments in this vibrant region to help you identify business opportunities in Asia.

In this edition, we highlight the following insights:-

  1. Palm Oil Saviour (7-minute read): With a dearth of sunflower oil following the Russia-Ukraine war, palm oil is slowly recapturing this space. With a cooking oil crisis, the switch could be faster than anticipated.
  2. Sustainable Energy (3-minute read): ABP Webinar- Insights from government and industry experts on Indonesia’s path to sustainable energy, investments and steps for gradual green energy shift.
  3. Hybrid Work (2-minute read): In order to attract and retain employees, companies are now opting for a slew of flexible work options, ranging from work-from-anywhere to flexible work weeks.
  4. Social Security (2-minute read): ASEAN is now upgrading its social security number system to protect citizens and migrant workers, as well as to handle Covid related medical claims.
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