The PULSE August 2022

Indonesia will celebrate its 77th Independence Day on August 17. The occasion will be marked by a series of festivities across the country, including games, cultural programmes, flag hoisting and parades. Indonesia Business Partners, a subsidiary of ASEAN Business Partners also celebrates its birthday on this day. After two years of muted celebrations, 2022 will mark a return to a growing economy with hope and optimism all around.

This is the August-2022 edition of our monthly newsletter, The Pulse, brought to you by ASEAN Business Partners. Our endeavour is to capture the trends and developments in this vibrant region to help you identify business opportunities in Asia.

In this edition, we focus on Nusantara’s future, ASEAN neobanks’ growth potential, Vietnam-US closer partnerships, Philippines turnaround, advantages of Cambodia’s Bakong, and sustainable development in the Mekong Delta. 

Here is a glimpse:

  1. Indonesia’s new capital Nusantara (4-minute read): Indonesia’s new capital Nusantara will be inaugurated in 2024. This project is expected to drive demand for digital finance, renewable energy, and automated systems.
  2. Vietnam-US Trade Relations (4-minute read): With a deeper partnership in sight, Vietnam and the US are moving to enable closer trade partnerships. Peace and regional prosperity are at the top of the agenda.
  3. Philippines Investment (4-minute read): Under the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the Philippines is eyeing a revival in economic growth. The new president is focussed on attracting fresh investments.
  4. Tokenisation to mitigate fraud (4-minute read) : Data management best practices are need of the hour for businesses collecting and storing the customer sensitive card data. Data protection, security, data governance enabled by tokenisation process assuring merchants and customers a convenient and safe experience.
  5. Cambodia’s Bakong (4-minute read): Cambodia’s blockchain-based payment model Bakong is improving access to financial services. It will soon become a one-stop shop for digital payments.

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