Good life for citizens and expats

The Singapore government allows companies to bring in foreign professionals through employment passes to plug skills gaps and supply shortages, even while protecting the interests of its citizens. Global companies in the ICT and software sectors, for example – such as Google, Grab and Facebook, which require highly specialised skills and knowledge – enjoy the freedom to bring in workers with relevant skills and experience to fill all the jobs they create. To ensure that Singapore citizens do not have their salaries undercut by foreigners, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requires Employment Pass applicants to meet salary thresholds, which are regularly updated taking reference from the salaries of locals with similar experience and seniority.

According to HSBC’s annual Expat survey, Singapore ranked second overall, after Switzerland, for expats. The HSBC Expat survey ranks the best countries for expats to live based on economics, quality of life, and a slew of other factors.

Singapore offers families world-class education for all ages; delicious, inexpensive food; safe and efficient public transportation, beautiful parks, public spaces and top-notch museums; and a wonderful nightlife scene.

The country is home to several ethnic groups. Although the Chinese community makes up the largest share of population, the government has in place several initiatives to bolster inter-communal integration. Religious diversity is also a welcome hallmark of Singapore, helping to meld a strong, unified society. This high degree of cultural and religious tolerance appeals to foreign stakeholders.


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