ABP’s executive search services in Southeast Asia

No one simply said that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. While strategy can come from resourcefulness and skill, culture needs engagement, passion, and execution and every organisation needs leaders who take their organisation into the future. How good is any firm in a foreign land with the best-in-class executives, star-studded education portfolios but with little or no understanding of the organisation’s values. Without any doubt, digging deeper into an applicant’s professional story is important, painstaking and must be done meticulously.

Search process must be organised and well documented. ASEAN Business Partners proposes a thorough process where the hiring company has a meaningful role in selecting the candidate whereas, as executive search experts we have the due diligence, talent mapping, referencing and follow-ups taken care of.

Regional knowledge, sectoral expertise, extensive global reach are important factors for any hiring project to be successful. Be it management, sales, operations, logistics, analysts and sectoral experts, ASEAN Business Partners is committed to recommending the most appropriate candidates. With its local presence in six big markets in Southeast Asia – Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, ASEAN Business Partners can assure you success in building and managing a high functional team in the region.

ABP is a team of diverse leaders from several disciplines and has over 200 years of cumulative professional experience in sales, marketing, finance and operations roles in FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care, Finance, Health and Hospitality. ABP’s senior management team has strong, ongoing and growing network across the globe. We can analyse client companies’ needs to find an select leaders that will ensure the company will outperform.

We know it is not just about finding the right cultural and technical fit, but securing them on time. ABP looks forward to being an enabler in hiring the people who will match, understand and implement your value system. Write to us contact@bizasean.com.

About the Author

Ishaan Malik

Ishaan Malik is our Head – Client Relations (ASEAN and Australia). Through his prior experience at TCG-Digital, Ernst & Young, and Clearwater Capital Partners Ishaan has gained experience in Sales, Marketing and Risk across a diverse set of industries, thus affording him an eclectic knowledge base to support our clients’ aspirations in ASEAN.