Good Life for Citizens and Expats

Good life for citizens and expats The Singapore government allows companies to bring in foreign professionals through employment passes to plug skills gaps and supply shortages, even while protecting the interests of its citizens. Global companies in the ICT and software sectors, for example – such as Google, Grab and Facebook, which require highly specialised… Continue reading Good Life for Citizens and Expats

The Future of People’s Action Party

The future of People’s Action Party Singapore is a sovereign republic, governed by its Constitution. The system of government is modelled after the British system that separates the executive, legislative and judiciary powers. In the recent general elections, Singapore’s ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) maintained its unbroken grip on power even though its popular support… Continue reading The Future of People’s Action Party

Red Carpet for Business

Red carpet for business Enterprise Singapore, the government agency championing enterprise development since 2018, supports companies to build, innovate and globalise. The growth of Singapore as a hub for global trading and start-ups is part of its mission. International Enterprise Singapore and SPRING came together on 1 April 2018 as a single agency to form Enterprise… Continue reading Red Carpet for Business

Powered by Macro-Economic Fundamentals

Powered by macro-economic fundamentals Gross domestic product per capita is the highest in the Asia-Pacific region (US$65,248 in 2019); and among the highest in the world. Singapore also receives more foreign direct investment (FDI) than most of the world’s developed economies, and over 10% of total FDI inflows to Asia. FDI inflows rose to US$ 92BN in 2019,… Continue reading Powered by Macro-Economic Fundamentals

Jewel City of the East

Jewel City of the East Over the last decade, as global businesses have followed the Look East policy, Singapore has emerged as the gateway to ASEAN and wider Asia, both for established top multinationals and high growth start-ups. The small island nation is a draw because of its transparent legal framework and economic and political stability. It… Continue reading Jewel City of the East