Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette Greeting –The common greeting depends upon the ethnic origin and age of the person. Ethnic Malay men shake hands with one another. Younger Bruneians may shake hands with foreign women or bow their head in greeting. It is considered respectful to bow your head to someone senior to yourself. If invited to someone’s house,… Continue reading Business Etiquette

Digital Economy

Digital Economy In today’s world where digitalizing is the rule of the land, and for every country it is imperative to understand its importance in order to compete at a global level. Brunei, has done the same. It has the IPR in the ASEAN, as result of which it makes it imperative for new businesses… Continue reading Digital Economy

Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment FDI growth over time – As per the Department of Economic Planning and Statistics, in the year 2020 the FDI flows amounted to about $198.9 million, whereas the FDI Stock amounted to $7.2 trillion. In the same year, FDI flows reduced from the previous year by about 38.9%, whereas FDI stock increased… Continue reading Foreign Direct Investment

Taxation Structure

Taxation Structure Corporate Income Tax (CIT)-Brunei after Singapore is the most tax amicable country in the ASEAN region. The chart below depicts the comparative tax rates for the different countries in the ASEAN region. The Corporate Income Tax rate in Brunei is 18.5%. At 18.5%, the rate is well below the average for these 8… Continue reading Taxation Structure

Ease of Doing Business

Ease of Doing Business and Corruption Ease of Doing Business Ranking –Brunei Darussalam ranks 4th among ASEAN nations behind Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. It has been ranked 16th in terms of ease of starting business globally, and is the 66theasiest country to do business in out of 190 countries in the world. It is also the easiest country to get… Continue reading Ease of Doing Business

Government & Society

Government Structure and Society Government Structure After Brunei attained full independence in 1984, an Islamic sultanate was established, and the constitution, while retained, underwent significant amendment. Ultimate authority rests with the sultan, who is both head of state and head of government. As prime minister, he presides over a Council of Ministers (cabinet) and is advised by several… Continue reading Government & Society

Demographic Advantage

Demographic Advantage Population – Brunei, is typically a small country and consistently held the rank of the 175th most populous country in the world. According to the World Bank in 2020, the population of Brunei stood at a mere 437,479 people. As a result of this small population though Brunei enjoys a lot of advantages… Continue reading Demographic Advantage

Historical Background

Historical Background Blessed with bountiful reserves of petroleum and natural gas, Brunei despite having a small population has always enjoyed high standards of living. In the 6th century Brunei, used to trade with and pay tribute to China, before it came under the influence of the Majapahit empire, based in Java. Towards the end of the… Continue reading Historical Background

Country Highlights

COUNTRY HIGHLIGHTS Brunei > Country Highlights COUNTRY HIGHLIGHTS FOR BRUNEI Map of Brunei Geography An oil-rich state on the north coast of Borneo island Total Land Area 5,765 sq km/ 2,225 sq mi Main Geographical Areas Western part has about 97% of the population, mountainous eastern part has about 10,000 people Capital Bandar Seri Begawan GDP… Continue reading Country Highlights