Digital Economy

In today’s world where digitalizing is the rule of the land, and for every country it is imperative to understand its importance in order to compete at a global level. Brunei, has done the same. It has the IPR in the ASEAN, as result of which it makes it imperative for new businesses to capitalize on this advantage of the digital economy, for sustained growth. Internet Penetration Rate – – As of 2019, the rate of Internet Penetration lies at 95.0%. From the following charts it is observed that Internet Penetration rate has grown substantially in the years 2010-2017. The economy has observed an increase of 79% in internet penetration between these years. The Chart 1 shows continuous growth over the years. From second chart it is established that Brunei has the highest IPR in the ASEAN region, followed by Singapore. The IPR of Brunei is 3x more than that of Myanmar.
Chart 1
Chart 2

Key Subscription Data-The following chart depicts the data for fixed broadband subscriptions and mobile cellular subscriptions per 100 people in Brunei, between the years 2014-2019, as per data provided by the World Bank.

Current Digital Landscape- The following key pointers highlight some features about the digital landscape of Brunei as of 2019:
  • 50% subscription of fixed broadband service per 100 households and businesses
  • 88% of households own smartphones
  • 61% of households own a laptop
  • 61% of households use Facebook
  • 95% of total population covered by 4G network-mobile broadband
Rankings –The following are the rankings of Brunei with reference to its Digital Economy:
  • 59th out of 193 countries in the E-Gov Development Index
  • 64th out of 194 countries in the Global Cybersecurity Index
  • 53rd out of 176 countries as per the ICT Development Index
  • 71st out of 129 countries as per the Global Innovation Index


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