Young, Growing and Contented Population

The population of Brunei is both young and growing. About one-quarter of the population is under the age 15, and roughly half under 30. The birth rate is around the global average, while the death rate is among the lowest in the world, partly because of the youthful age distribution. Life expectancy is around 77 years, higher than the global average. Brunei has a high net migration rate, though its growth rate is steadily decreasing. The population of Brunei was a mere 0.44 million in 2020, according to the IMF; giving it an advantage in terms of GDP per capita. Brunei’s demographic advantage also lies in its high urbanisation rate at 78%. Over the years the annual growth in population is seen at round about 1%. The labour force participation rate grew by 1% in 2018-19, yet isn’t very encouraging at a mere 50%.


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