The PULSE March 2023

Of Fintech, Phishing, and Philippines

The global cryptocurrency market is cautiously emerging out of a long winter, and the green shoots of the next wave of growth are now visible. Even as entrepreneurs and innovators are poised to redefine Southeast Asia’s fintech sector with blockchain innovations such as crypto-assets and non- fungible tokens, the region’s governments are striking a balance between growth-friendly policies and a protective regulatory framework. This edition of Insights features ‘Blockchain is Back’, a special report that takes stock of the emerging crypto landscape in the region and how governments are working in tandem with the private sector to shape the future of cities and economies.

Our report on Cyber Security Trends traces the disruption caused by Dubbed Dark Pink, the new threat actor that has launched sophisticated cyber-attacks against government and military targets in the region, and how these attackers continue to be a major concern for the financial sector.

This issue’s country snapshot on The Philippines highlights the new President’s sustained efforts to woo foreign investments and the tremendous impact it has had on the nation’s economy. Barely a year in office, Marcos Jr. has already secured PHP3.4 trillion (approx. USD61-bn) in investment pledges, of which PHP239 billion worth of projects are already in the implementation stage, while around PHP1.5 trillion are currently in the planning stage.

The report on ‘Employment of Persons with Disabilities’ spells out how bringing the employable specially-abled people into the workforce has a positive socio-cultural impact as well as delivers economic dividends. ASEAN region renews its efforts to lift the lives of PWDs and create a more inclusive society.

I hope you enjoy this edition as much as we did putting it together; I welcome your thoughts and feedback to make this newsletter a compelling read.

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Sumit Dutta
Founder – CEO