Thailand will be immersed into its joyous Phi Ta Khon Festival or Ghost festival between June 23-25. This three-day long festival will be marked by a series of festivities, including carnivals, processions of locals in colorful masks, and sermons by Buddhist monks. It is an occasion where the locals pray to ancestral spirits and seek protection from evil. The festival also showcases the painting skills of Thai artists.


This is the June edition of our monthly newsletter, The Pulse, brought to you by ASEAN Business Partners. Our endeavour is to capture the trends and developments in this vibrant region to help you identify business opportunities in Asia.

In this edition, we focus on the rise in opium trafficking in the Golden Triangle, the deepening ties between the US and the Philippines, thriving FDI opportunities in SEA, and the 42nd ASEAN Summit in Indonesia.

Here is a glimpse:

  • ASEAN’s Drug Crisis (4-minute read): Singapore has cracked down on cannabis trafficking. But there has been a surge in the production and sale of opium in the Golden Triangle. This needs collaborative mitigation strategies.
  • US-Philippines’ Close Bonds (4-minute read): Amidst China’s intrusive activities in the South China Sea, the US and the Philippines are building closer partnerships for defense and investments.
  • FDI Opportunities in SEA (4-minute read): Opportunities for foreign direct investment in ASEAN are expanding due to favorable policy initiatives. The Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand are among the biggest beneficiaries.
  • 42nd ASEAN Summit (4-minute read): The biannual ASEAN Summit held in Indonesia focused on making this region the epicentre of growth. During the summit, ASEAN leaders also discussed strategies for economic integration.

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