The PULSE June 2022

Drone shot of the craftsmen’s village of Tegallalang, which is one of the Ubud region’s 3 villages famous for their terraced landscapes.  In addition to its scenic paddy fields, the villages are also known for their innovative irrigation system.
Credit: Michael Matti/Flickr

This is the June-2022 edition of our monthly newsletter, The Pulse, brought to you by ASEAN Business Partners. Our endeavour is to capture the trends and developments in this vibrant region to help you identify business opportunities in Asia.

In the June-2022 edition we focus on combating cyber fraud, AgriTech for food safety and security, ABP’s market research offering and drone usage and regulations in Southeast Asia.

Here is a glimpse:

  1. Combating cyber fraud (10-minute read):It’s 40 million additional internet users in SEA since COVID. With work-from-anywhere culture setting in, people are accessing internet everywhere and across devices. As a result, cyber fraud has become a huge concern for individuals as well as businesses.
  2. Future of AgriTech(5-minute read):From agricultural land monitoring, remote pesticide spraying, and direct-to-customer sales, AgriTech platforms are helping younger generation in ASEAN rediscover farming and are addressing food security concerns.
  3. ABP Market Research (2-minute read):ABP’s local presence and strong local network offers a bouquet of services with up-to-date insights to prospective businesses looking to expand within ASEAN and those who are new to the region.
  4. Drones in Southeast Asia(3-minute read):Drones could prove advantageous given Southeast Asia’s geographical restrictions. A uniform regulatory regime will help advance the development of the region’s drone industry.
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Sumit Dutta
Founder – CEO