The PULSE January 2023


Wish you a very Happy New Year. We at ASEAN Business Partners would like to thank you for your association with us. It is our constant endeavour to help you identify business opportunities in Asia and contribute to the economic prosperity of ASEAN. We hope that our services aided your growth aspirations in the past year. Going into 2023 and beyond, we aspire to remain your partner of choice.

In 2023, we believe ASEAN will continue to be one of the fastest growing regions in the world. The progress witnessed in the areas of technology, climate change, and human resources will help ASEAN gear up for the next phase of growth.

So what are the highest potential sectors in 2023?

While potential exists across sectors, we believe that these are the top three areas of growth:

  1. Digitisation: The COVID-19 fuelled digitisation drive has gained never-seen-before momentum. Going digital is no longer the alternative but the only way forward. Within the digital spectrum, segments like payment, edtech, medtech, and mobility have the potential to reshape ASEAN.
  2. ESG: Sustainable development has become a boardroom agenda across companies. With 20% of the world’s biodiversity situated within ASEAN, environmental, social, and governance policies will focus towards mitigating climate change risks via net-zero emissions.
  3. Talent: Flexi- and hybrid-working will be the buzzword for 2023. With Gen Z entering the workforce, companies will be forced to rethink their attraction and retention strategies. This means a higher emphasis on digital recruitment and onboarding processes. Upskilling and reskilling will also become key components to stay relevant in the job market.

Overall, ASEAN will outshine its peers in 2023. Collaborations between public sector and private companies can help bridge the temporary macroeconomic instabilities. Together, we will come out stronger.

We hope you enjoy reading this piece. If you need help in exploring potential opportunities or implementing growth plans in ASEAN, please write to us at We look forward to hearing from you.


Sumit Dutta
Founder – CEO