The PULSE February 2023


The world is staging a smart recovery from a disruptive pandemic, and the ASEAN region is one of the key drivers of this global resurgence. Contrary to a sombre near-term economic outlook for some of the western economies, the ASEAN nations are upbeat about continuous, sustainable growth. Having reaffirmed their commitment to regional economic integration, the ASEAN nations are individually – and collectively – drawing policies and taking initiatives to further their common vision. This reflects in the sharp post-pandemic recovery in trade, consumption and investment across the region, and the trend is likely to accelerate in the years to come.

Cognizant with the geo-political challenges and domestic compulsions, the 10 member nations are finding common cause to lift the idea of ASEAN and make the region a formidable force in the global scheme of things. The region’s emergence as a solid alternative to China in the global supply chain is a fine example of its prowess – and potential.

This despatch from ASEAN Business Partners captures our team’s insights and the exciting business developments in the ASEAN region. For instance, the country snapshot of Cambodia reveals the new wave of investment opportunities after the recent policy initiatives by the government.

The idea behind this newsletter is to not only share incisive information, but also encourage a conversation. Towards this, I welcome your feedback and ideas to make this newsletter a definitive and dedicated platform for business in the ASEAN region.

Warm Regards,

Sumit Dutta
Founder – CEO