Ease of Doing Business and Corruption

Ease of Doing Business Ranking –– The Philippines’ performance in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index falls short of desirable standards, leaving significant room for improvement. The chart below showcases the ranks of five major ASEAN economies in this index with the size of each bubble varying in proportion to the size of the country’s economy. As can be seen, the Philippines is significantly behind some of its regional counterparts in the ease of doing business but President Duterte’s prioritization of ensuring continued economic growth and the government’s focus on boosting competitiveness could help in overcoming this hurdle.

IPRI Ranking – – Philippines ranked 69th out of the 129 countries that were included in the Intellectual Property Rights Index.

Perceived Transparency Ranking –A lack of transparency has haunted the country of Philippines for many a year and, unfortunately, this problem seems to have worsened since 2016. Having dropped by 16 spots since 2015, Philippines’ ranking, according to Transparency International’s Global Corruption Perceptions Index 2020, currently stands at 115 rank with score of 34, putting it in the bottom half of all countries that were analysed. While this does raise cause for concern, there is hope on the horizon as well. One of President Duterte’s top priorities is to rid the government of corruption which, if addressed effectively, could have a significant impact on the rest of society and improve general levels of transparency in the Philippines.

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