ABP Market Research: Local presence and strategy for ASEAN

Have a great product or a service offering, that’s perhaps universal enough to fit in markets which are oceans apart from you? You might be right, but first things first, familiarize and study the local market needs and its dynamic trends. Let’s not forget detail or derail is a fact of any business.

Running a business is all about calculated moves and very rarely about luck. Not their fault or ignorance – however mired with calculations and numbers, entrepreneurs often miss the right window of opportunity to introduce their products or overlook one aspect.

Whether planning to expand within Southeast Asia or want to enter the region, ASEAN Business Partners (ABP) is ready to be your manfriday – to be that extra pair of eyes (and hands too) to spot the gaps and steer companies the optimal product and marketing strategies in the 10 countries that form ASEAN – Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Diversity is the beauty of the region and as a market entry specialist and growth firm, ABP has embraced this diversity and is sensitive to these unique idiosyncrasies that every market in SEA poses. Not always a solution meant for a market, can solve the same issue in another. This is where local knowledge and networks are necessary and it is only one of ABP’s strengths. With local presence, expertise and organically built local networks across Southeast Asia, ABP’s market research can be the closest you could get to knowing what your choice is like and how it may be in the near future.

ABP’s Market bouquet of offering includes market sizing and assessment, demographics segmentation, need assessment, market stability, competition analysis, positioning studies, due diligence and overall market understanding. Understanding local political atmosphere, local geography, various demographic segments, local culture & society, and overall legal & regulatory governance among other aspects is important for holistic understanding and accurate projections.

With experienced market professionals based in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia, ASEAN Business Partners (ABP) can provide companies with insights on consumer interests, cultural nuances, social behaviours / habits and product acceptability. Collectively, professionals at ABP have about 200 years of experiences in finance, marketing and sales segments across Southeast Asia. ABP services committed to making the entrepreneurs comfortable with taking the leap.