Digital Economy

Internet Penetration Rate – The numbers post 2017 for the internet penetration rate aren’t available for Laos. As of 2017, the rate of Internet Penetration lies at 25.5%. From the following charts it is observed that Internet Penetration rate has grown substantially in the years 2010-2017. The economy has observed an increased from a mere 7% in 2010to reach 25.5% in 2017. The chart shows continuous growth over the years. From second chart it is established that Laos has the lowest IPR in the ASEAN region. This potentially is a huge worry for businessman, as they make their decisions.

Key Subscription Data-The following graphs stress on the lack of presence of the digital economy in Laos. In the year 2018 Mobile Cellular Subscription as per the World Bank was at a mere, 51.8% and the Fixed Telephone Subscription was 20.9%. These numbers are significantly lower than that of the other ASEAN countries.

Ranking- The following table highlights the IT Development Index ranking of Laos with comparison to other ASEAN countries.

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