Digital Economy

In this new age of digitisation, it is almost impossible to see economic growth in the long run unless a country is able to make advancements in its technology and use the internet to boost its economy. Cambodia has been able to recognize the importance of this and has been able to substantially improve its digital economy over the years.

Internet Penetration Rate –  As of 2020, Cambodia had an internet penetration rate of 58%. What is commendable about this is the improvement with 1% of the population of Cambodia having access to the internet in 2010 to an exponential rise in its IPR rate in 2020 to 58%, which is a 18% increase from 2019. 

Growth over time – The internet economy in Cambodia has grown exponentially since 2010 and continues to make advancements in its technology to improve its quality for users. One of the most important aspects of this is the internet speed. In the last year itself the average speed of mobile internet has increased by over 6% whereas the average speed of fixed internet has increased by 32%.

Current Digital Landscape- The following key pointers highlight some features about the digital landscape of Cambodia as of 2019:
  • 25 million mobile subscriptions which is 153% of its population
  • 5 million active internet users
  • 4 million active social media users
  • 50% of households use Facebook
  • 6% of the population has a mobile money account


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