Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette Greetings – This is predominantly a Muslim country, so physical touching between sexes is not that appropriate. The best option is to wait and see how you are approached for greetings. Bowing slightly with your hand placed over the position of your heart to demonstrate respect can be more appropriate in Malaysia. You will… Continue reading Business Etiquette

Digital Economy

Digital Economy For emerging markets, success in the 21st century hinges sufficiently on the ability to generate digital prowess. In this regard, Malaysia holds a distinct advantage over many of its regional peers, boasting an internet ecosystem that trumps those in other ASEAN emerging markets. With rapid innovation taking place in competing economies like Indonesia and… Continue reading Digital Economy

Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment FDI by sector – In 2019, FDI net inflows into Malaysia stood at US$ 73.33 billion, granting the most benefit to the country’s Real Estate sector which received nearly 24% of total foreign investment. As shown in chart 1 below, the Malaysian Petroleum Products Industry was the second most sought after sector by foreign investors, garnering over 16% of total… Continue reading Foreign Direct Investment

Taxation Structure

Taxation Structure Corporate Income Tax – For both resident and non-resident companies, corporate income tax (CIT) is imposed on income accruing in or derived from Malaysia. The current CIT rates are provided in the following table: On comparing Malaysia to other major economies in ASEAN, we find that the Malaysian CIT rate stands out. As showcased… Continue reading Taxation Structure

Ease of Doing Business

Ease of Doing Business and Corruption Ease of Doing Business Ranking –In 2020, Malaysia ranked 12th in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index, beating 178 other countries and cementing itself as one of the most conducive places on earth to do business. As can be seen in the chart below, Malaysia outperformed all other ASEAN emerging… Continue reading Ease of Doing Business

Government & Society

Government Structure and Society Government Structure Malaysia is a parliamentary democracy with a federal constitutional monarchy. The Paramount Ruler, commonly referred to as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, is the head of state as well as the leader of the Islamic faith in Malaysia. This monarch is selected for a five-year term from among their own… Continue reading Government & Society

Demographic Advantage

Demographic Advantage Population – With a population of just over 32.7 million and a modest annual growth rate of 1.27%, Malaysia’s demographic advantage is not drawn from its abundance of people alone but rather the combination of multiple factors that augment the country’s demographic prowess. Chief among these factors is Malaysia’s labor productivity which is not… Continue reading Demographic Advantage

Historical Background

Historical Background The Federation of Malaysia has built itself into a potential economic powerhouse on the back of a turbulent past, involving colonisation and occupation. What makes Malaysia so unique is the fact that its states have trudged through different journeys of colonial rule, which have amalgamated to give Malaysia a variegated historical backdrop. Prior… Continue reading Historical Background

Country Highlights

COUNTRY HIGHLIGHTS Malaysia > Country Highlights COUNTRY HIGHLIGHTS FOR MALAYSIA Map of Malaysia Geography Total Land Area 330,000 sq km/127,000 sq mi Main Geographical FeaturesConsists of 2 main regions, Peninsular Malaysia in the Asian mainland and East Malaysia in the Malay archipelago CapitalPutrajaya (executive, judicial)Kuala Lumpur (ceremonial, legislative), largest city GDP in US$ (Billion) Global… Continue reading Country Highlights