The PULSE September 2022

This year, the “Asian Miracle”, Vietnam, celebrates its 77th Independence Day. Recovering from the post war outcome of acute economic challenges for decades, the country has found its strength in exports, manufacturing, and in its young and ambitious population – making the country an attractive destination for businesses to grow.


This is the September-2022 edition of The Pulse, brought to you by ASEAN Business Partners. Our endeavour is to capture the trends and developments in this vibrant region to help you identify business opportunities in Asia.  

This month we bring the limelight on Vietnam  as the country celebrates its 77th Independence Day on September 2. We write on Vietnam’s solution for the looming global chip shortage, sustainable practices in Mekong Delta in Vietnam, ABP’s Market Research solutions, Thailand’s health tourism shift, and new EdTech models in SEA.

  1. Thailand’s Medical Tourism (4-minute read) : Thailand is becoming the new favourite in Southeast Asia for affordable medical treatments. Healthcare facilities offering treatment at costs are attracting global medical tourists.
  2. Vietnam’s Chip Prowess: With chip shortages continuing, global manufacturers are looking for China alternatives. And here, Vietnam is emerging as a new option for semiconductor production
  3. ABP Market Research: ABP’s local presence and strong local network offers a bouquet of services with up-to-date insights to prospective businesses looking to expand within ASEAN and those who are new to the region. 
  4. Mekong Delta’s Development (4-minute read) : Mekong Delta, Vietnam’s most fertile region, is seeing a shift towards sustainable development. The key would be growth while keeping the ecology intact.
  5. New EdTech Models (4-minute read) : With a deeper partnership in sight, Vietnam and the US are moving to enable closer trade partnerships. Peace and regional prosperity are at the top of the agenda.

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