Historical Background

Cambodia is a country that has faced civil war, genocide and political turmoil throughout its history. It has been influenced by many Asian countries, alongside France and the United States over the years and it was only until the 1990s that it regained its political autonomy.

For 2000 years Cambodia’s civilization was mainly influenced by India and China. After 400 years of decline, in the 19th century, Cambodia became a French colony. The French colonial rule lasted for 90 years after which in the 20th century it experienced the turmoil of war, occupation by the Japanese, post-war independence, and political instability.

It faced one of its biggest tragedies, between 1975-1979, under the reign of Khmer Rouge. During this period at least 1.5 million Cambodians were killed or died.

Despite having faced all this, Cambodia began the process of recovery under the Vietnam backed regime of the People’s Republic of Kampuchea and in 1993 it regained political autonomy, re-established a constitutional government and since then its economy has steadily improved. The country seems to be living by the words of the Cambodian proverb, “Fear not the future, weep not for the past”.

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