Indonesia – Coffee, Cloth and Citizens in Multicultural Harmony

Indonesia – Coffee, cloth and citizens in multicultural harmony Indonesia is a melting pot of numerous cultural, ethnic and religious identities. From its population to two of its most well-known exports – batik and coffee – it is a unique picture of unity in diversity. The archipelago of more than 17,000 islands is home to… Continue reading Indonesia – Coffee, Cloth and Citizens in Multicultural Harmony

Digital Beyond Social Media

Digital beyond social media The digital transformation of Indonesia is undoubtedly underway. For both its people and its government, this provides opportunities to be embraced. A rich network of users Roughly 76% of the population, equivalent to 212 million Indonesians use the internet. According to WeAreSocial, internet usage averages more than 8 hours daily. It… Continue reading Digital Beyond Social Media

Challenges to Investors

Challenges to Investors The Indonesian economy is ripe for investment. Unsurprisingly, the variety of opportunities also comes with several challenges and risks. Here are three to keep on your radar. 1) Natural Disasters Indonesia lies along the infamous Ring of Fire volcanic belt, with more than 200 volcanoes located along the islands of Java, Sumatra,… Continue reading Challenges to Investors

Indonesia: Asia’s Next Business Frontier

Indonesia: Asia’s Next Business Frontier Indonesia’s status as an emerging economic powerhouse makes it an ideal investment destination for forward-looking companies. It has a large and young population with growing spending power, a positive investment climate, and an abundance of natural resources. Now is the perfect time to enter Indonesia. Here are 5 reasons why.… Continue reading Indonesia: Asia’s Next Business Frontier